Top brands of soap

Add to Compare About Us Zaidat started ZAJA Natural 14 years ago after becoming fed up with not being able to find commercial products that did not make her skin flake up and break out. Originally her plan was to use pre-made bases to make her soaps, since those clear soaps seemed so popular. Upon trying different bases and not being satisfied with the end results, the study of cold processed soap making began.

Top brands of soap

This recipe is my personal favorite. It makes very clear soap in my opinion Base Part of Recipe These recipes are 40 oz. The oils in these recipes will make your clearest soaps.

Distilled water 6 oz. The reason for no supferfatting is to achieve clarity. Second part of recipe Remember alcohol is lighter in weight than water, so make sure you have more than what is called for in your recipe. I usually have two bottles on hand at all times just in case.


You do not want to run out of this very important ingredient. One pint of alcohol weighs around It evaporates very quickly when heated.

Also, keep the lid on as much as possible! Dissolve sugar thoroughly in as little water as possible. If sugar crystals are left, it will cause cloudy soap. Make sugar solution and have ready to heat on stove.

Preheat oven to degrees.

Top brands of soap

Place a glass or Pyrex cup into refrigerator. Pour alcohol into a squirt bottle and position next to stove ready for spritzing. Lay a towel on the floor in front of stove, in case of water splash. Measure out your alcohol and glycerin and have ready.

Cover alcohol with plastic wrap so it does not evaporate. Combine water and lye and set aside. Melt oils and fats in your main stockpot. Combine oils and lye between degrees. Pour lye very slowly while stick blending Stick blend until very thick trace.

Cover pot with glass lid and place into oven for minutes. It will be very thick at this point so use a heavy spoon.

Cover and cook for more minutes. It should look somewhat like thick amber applesauce. Remove from oven and slowly add half the alcohol and full amount of glycerin. Stir and scrape sides and bottom of pot very well. Stir quickly and immediately replace lid.

If using a home fashioned double boiler, insert your stockpot into another pot on top of trivet with a couple inches of water. When soap begins to melt, stick blend the heck out of it until there are no more chunks.

It should look thick and gel-like. Add the other half of alcohol and quick buzz with stick blender, then quickly replace lid. If lots of foam forms, squirt with alcohol.Want to learn how to get rid of cellulite fast and naturally?

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Top brands of soap

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