Speech on child labour

A key theme of this speech was the forthcoming general election.

Speech on child labour

Brexit Diane Abbott Family reunification Immigration Immigration policy Labour Labour Party migration impact fund Our immigration rules are badly in need of urgent reform.

Speech on child labour

Such leadership is a welcome sign of how serious — and ready — Labour is to form a government. We will also end the practice of deporting the children, currently without entitlement to be here, once they turn 19, even when their parents are entitled to be here. Under the current system, an adult refugee granted asylum can bring family to Britain to support them.

But an unaccompanied child refugee — the most vulnerable of the vulnerable — cannot risking deportation on becoming an adult. This is an immoral, impractical anomaly that has continued for too long.

One of the most heartbreaking issues was how the rules did break British families up. I met one couple who received advice from the British High Commission plus reassurance from the Home Office in writing, on recommendation of a qualified immigration solicitor, about returning to the UK from abroad.

He was British, his wife was North American and had a teenage child.


They had been told in writing they could apply for a spousal visa on arrival into Heathrow. This used to be true, but the rules had changed and neither the solicitor nor immigration officials seemed to know they were wrong. The spousal visa was denied at the border.

But again the rules had changed, disallowing such applications. Instead of getting confirmation his family could reside in Britain with him, they were served with deportation orders. The reason was that they had accepted temporary entry but must have deceived the border agent on entry because what they really wanted was permanent residency.

None of this true, but the one picking up the pieces and paying heavy legal and visa application costs is a British citizen. This cannot be right. I spoke to other couples who had different stories of how the rules let them down.

Speech on child labour

The rule basically tells citizens who they can or cannot love if they want a life in Britain. All to help meet an arbitrary net migration target — that Abbott has also rightly come out to oppose.

Make no mistake about it —or less is a number conjured up from nowhere. It has led to a failure to recruit doctors and nurses to our NHS filling vacancies. The issue is improving public services, delivering housing for first-time buyers, creating employment opportunities and the like.

But nor should we overlook the impact migration does have.

Child Labour Speech

They might produce migration impact assessments to replace arbitrary net migration targets and allow us to focus on impact. Our immigration rules are too often cobbled together in a piecemeal, ad hoc fashion. A major review and overhaul is long overdue.Child Labour Speech 2. Good morning to the Principal sir, sir, madam, my seniors and dear friends.

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Essay on Child Labor in India

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