Paper clay dolls

Although dolls and dollhouses are mainly toys, today they also collectable items that can reach very high prices. Find out more about famous dolls and why are they famous. History and Origins Inuit dolls are made from soapstone and bone and dressed in fur.

Paper clay dolls

Participants are encouraged to take all three sessions focusing on polymer clay. Participants will create sample tiles, buttons, or charms for a collection of techniques in mosaic or jewelry form.

Many of the items used during the course are provided, but participants are expected to provide their own clay. Students are encouraged to have Premo, Kato, Fimo, or Cernit brand polymer clays as they are the sturdiest.

Clay purchasing options and local sources will be reviewed. If participants have a pasta machine this is also strongly encouraged.

Participants will also review tools. If the student does not already have tools they will be available during the course. Minimum class size is 2 and 20 maximum. Millefiore Technique This course builds on previous course.

This technique is thousands of years old in the glassmaking trade. Starting with simple geometric canes like stripes, checkerboards, bulls-eyes and spirals and progressing to floral and other detailed forms.

We will learn how to build and combine components to make items that range from simple to stunning. Variations such as square repeats, tessellations and recombined complex canes will also be covered.

Color shading techniques such as the Skinner Blend and 3D stacking layers will be used to give even more depth to the images. Successful cane building requires some attention and effort, as does the reduction, and there are things to do that greatly increase your success.

Learn the tricks of the trade, and build beautiful canes, plus how to reduce them with less distortion and hand strain.

Once canes are built and reduced, slices can be used to create beads and embellish decorative objects of many kinds. Using multiple techniques on a single bead to create elaborate effects can bring about some incredible looks!

Mokume gane and mica shift are just a few of the many different approaches to clay manipulation in addition to millefiore that can be used to create beautiful beads. Finishing techniques such as sanding, buffing, and glazing with polyurethanes will be covered in class. Participants can use the beads created in the session along with any others to create a stunning one of a kind necklace.

Minimum class size is 4 and 20 maximum. Polymer clay can give you some amazing details and decorator touches in a multitude of styles. Bring swatches of fabric and learn how to mix colors and create faux finishes that provide just the right touches.

You can purchase wall plug plates and switch plates at hardware stores, usually for a dollar each or less. New plastics can be baked at the temps required for curing polymer, but not all older ones can be baked.

Metal plates are more expensive, but also last longer—either kind will work. Wooden, metal ceramic and glass knobs can be covered or decorated.

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Make finials and pulls! Use them in making dolls, collage and assemblages, mosaics, jewelry and other forms of wearable art. Tools, scrap clay, and mold making material are provided in class.

Students can provide their own clay if they wish to use another brand or make a larger doll.

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After finishing all the pieces, dolls are strung together, painted, and wigged. Learn the techniques, and add your imagination! Flatten the backs and make them into magnets! Find out what scale conversion is all about, and fit things just right. Miniature Vanity Set Create a set of miniature accessories for a doll or diorama.

Trays, perfume bottles, cosmetics and more are easily formed using polymer clay and beads, along with simple tools provided for use in class.

Add your own artwork, and then etch using electricity! Learn how to start with blank metal and use different masking techniques for etching.

Create pieces that are uniquely your own! Instructor Sarajane Helm will guide you through this fun journey into the areas where science and art meet up to form wearable art.

Included will be an overview of patinas used on metal like Liver of Sulfur and Midas Blue, and the use of alcohol inks.Instruction page on how to make a paper doll. Free template to print and cut out dolls parts. Use rubber stamps to decorate this 9 inch doll.

Works with all my " to . Oct 29,  · Now I use a stylus, and make a shallow, gentle dent. By gentle, I mean just use the weight of your hand holding the tool, don't press.

At this point the clay has been compressed, and too much pressure too fast will cause little cracks around the edge of the Aimee Jeffries.

How to sculpt doll or fairy face and head, by Artisan Tony Rice

Here is your download ~ Paper Dolls Through the Ages Ancient History. Paper Women of Ancient Japan, China, India and North American Indians. This 4-page download includes ~ Ancient Egypt, Ancient Vikings, Ancient Rome, & the Elizabethan Era.

Make your own Russian dolls, also known as matryoshka or babushka dolls, with this printable children's craft. We have a pre-coloured version or a set that the kids can colour in themselves. Easy Paper Crafts for all ages and seasons. Paper Crafts Preschool.

Paper clay dolls

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Well, it's easy and cheap.

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