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You said, in Iustitia Dei, he leans to development. I said that primitivism is the dominant theory in Protestant history. That development is a complex concept? That other evangelicals believe in development?

Origin blogspot antithesis

Origin,Research, Purpose by Cal Wick Where It All Began The model has been part of the corporate learning and development lexicon for decades. Some people find implementing brings transformational change to their corporate learning cultures.

Others are not quite sure what to make of it or how to leverage the model. A last group discounts it claiming has no research to back it up and that it provides little value because the numbers are not accurate.

Recently I had a conversation with Bob Eichinger, one of the original thought leaders who created the model, about its origin, research, and purpose. I found what Bob said to be so compelling that I Origin blogspot antithesis him to write it up.

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Can Morality Be Based in Our "Selfish" Evolutionary Past? - Christian Research Institute I wanted to speak German, not Latin or Greek, since it was German I had undertaken to speak in the translation. But it is the nature of our German language that in speaking of two things, one of which is affirmed and the other denied, we use the word solum allein along with the word nicht [not] or kein [no].

Here is what he shared: I am Robert W. Lombardo and Robert W. Eichinger, Lominger International, Inc. The Art of Assignment Management, pages The course was basically a summary of the findings of The Lessons of Experience study done over a year period at the Center and published in We were working on a section of the course on planning for the development of future leaders.

The study interviewed currently successful executives from multiple organizations. As part of an extensive interview protocol, researchers asked these executives about where they thought they learned things from that led to their success — The Lessons of Success.

The interviewers collected key learning events which the research staff coded into 16 categories. The 16 categories were too complex to use in the course so we in turn re-coded the 16 categories into five to make them easier to communicate. The five categories were learning from challenging assignments, other people, coursework, adverse situations and personal experiences outside work.

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So the final easy-to-communicate meme was: And thus we created the meme widely quoted still today. The basic findings of the Lessons of Success study have been duplicated at least nine times that I know of.

Origin blogspot antithesis

These include samples in China, India and Singapore and for female leaders, since the original samples of executives in the early 80s were mostly male. The findings are all roughly in line with They arewomenmiddle levelglobal sample, IndiaSingapore and China.

A number of companies including 3M have also replicated the study and found roughly the same results. Some have said the is just common sense. Experience has always been the best teacher. I might add that there is a lot of variance between organizations and levels and types of people.

These studies were mostly about how to develop people for senior leadership positions in large global companies. The meme for other levels of leadership and different kinds of companies might be different. There might also be other memes for different functional areas. As a model, its value is not in trying to determine with precision the exact numbers to the left or right of a decimal point, but instead to use it to open our eyes to learning that is happening all the time on-the-job, but is largely invisible.

And this learning culture leads to higher performance as employees embrace continuous development on the job. Just look at the web searches you have done in the last week. What approaches can we take to enable self-directed learning that improves capabilities and performance throughout an organization?

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Jay cited a number of studies and observations that supported this. They were briefly documented by Jay here.

Origin blogspot antithesis

More recently, researchers have been validating the importance of the learning that happens as part of the daily workflow.

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In an age of apostasy within the visible church, our desire is to encourage genuine Christians to remain steadfast to the faithful and true witness, Jesus Christ, and the written Word of His testimony.

May 17, , pm Systemic change begins with the mutations at the periphery, and we are the mutations we’ve been waiting for! The necessary adaptation for survival has become the valuing of people over profits, relationships over stuff.

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