Microsoft word college essay template

School of Arts and Humanities How to Format an Essay with Microsoft Word Follow these steps to put a smile on your instructor's face — and more importantly, to correctly format your essay. MLA Click on the Microsoft Word icon on the computer screen After Microsoft Word loads, click on "Format" at the top of the screen and then on "Paragraph" In the "Paragraph" box, click inverted triangle next to "Line Spacing" and then click on "Double" from the drop down menu Click on "View" at top of screen and then click on "Header and Footer" You should now be in the "Header" box. Hold down the "Ctrl" button on bottom of keyboard near the space barand press down the letter "R" once.

Microsoft word college essay template

microsoft word college essay template

If you are in college and you are writing research papers, then you are most likely basing your formatting on this, the MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers.

Other papers might use other handbooks, like the APA or Chicago, but the MLA is probably the most common, and it is easy to adhere to this handbook when you use Microsoft Word.

So let me show you how. I am here with the start screen, right, where it gives you all sorts of fun templates to choose from.

I am going to search for the keyword MLA and then press Enter, and here we go. We have the MLA style research paper, okay? I'm going to open that up in just a second.

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There's also the APA here, okay. It's also helpful if your Professor wants you to use that guideline or that handbook, but the MLA is the one we are going to use today.

I'm going to double-click that, and open it. And this is just a template, right? You've probably made templates before. Select fields and fill them out. I put my course number in here, English Composition Now, look, I made a spelling mistake. Actually when I asked a bunch of College Professors what their biggest pet peeves were.

Surprisingly, the number one thing was students aren't using Spellcheck. So if you see a red squiggle, right-click that, and replace it with the correct spelling. The other thing about Spellcheck is that people are using it, but not being careful in replacing the suggested words with the right word.

So, use Spellcheck and use it carefully. You can go ahead and you can choose this little Content Control arrow here, and choose the due date. This date is automatically formatted in the MLA style, so there's the day first, the month, and then, the year, okay?

That little automation for you happens throughout this template. For example, you have got a one-inch margin on the left, which is what the MLA specifies as, should be your left margin. You have got a one-inch margin on the right. You have got a one-inch margin on the top. You have got a half-inch margin here before your header, okay?Try Microsoft Edge A fast and secure browser that's designed for Windows 10 No thanks Get started.

Microsoft. College tools; Student paper; Student paper. Create a great looking report with cover sheet using this term paper template. This is an accessible template. Word. Download Edit in Browser. Our college essay templates are well researched and credible. They will truly guide you in writing the perfect story or article for you.

In terms of . How to Format an Essay with Microsoft Word. Follow these steps to put a smile on your instructor's face – and more importantly, to correctly format your essay.

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Microsoft word research paper template

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