Love medicine research paper

Aerospace medicine deals with medical problems related to flying and space travel. Addiction medicine deals with the treatment of addiction. Medical ethics deals with ethical and moral principles that apply values and judgments to the practice of medicine. Biomedical Engineering is a field dealing with the application of engineering principles to medical practice.

Love medicine research paper

There is no main character or focusing narrator; many speak, all with authority.

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The reader must fit together the pieces to construct the layers of understanding necessary to trace kinship and events. The diverse viewpoints function to reveal the ties of family and tribe as well as to point out how much has broken down between individuals and generations and has been lost, perhaps forever.

The nature of time is not chronological or linear; it is cyclical and layered. Although it is realistic in its detailing of contemporary American Indian life— including problems with alcohol, poverty, joblessness, and generational conflict—Love Medicine reflects the fact that powerful myths shape the lives of its narrators, though not in any stereotypical way.

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There are no rain dances, peace pipes, or sweat lodges in this novel. Instead of tribal gods and chanting medicine men, the moments of spirituality, magic, and myth occur within the patterns and enduring qualities of the natural world in the forms of water, fire, air, earth, and animals, all part of Ojibwa oral tradition.

Water, the major symbol in the book, is one of the elements that unifies the novel. The narratives themselves are fluid, flowing together to form the whole. Bodies of water such as lakes, rivers, and creeks are important to many of the interwoven tales.

Water is life giving, as when Marie helps restore Lulu to tears, but it can also be life destroying, as when Henry Lamartine, Jr. There was no place for the drowned in heaven or anywhere on earth. Fragility is expressed by yet another natural symbol—the egg and its shell.

June is enticed by a man peeling a blue, hard-boiled egg in a bar. She is described as feeling fragile, and she pulls down her shell, as if to protect herself. King smashes pies in a fit of rage, and Albertine says she cannot repair the cracked and broken shells.

Love medicine research paper

Except perhaps for Eli Kashpaw and Lipsha Morrissey, the men seem unable to relate fully to nature or the elements as they appear in Love Medicine, while the women appear to be more able to coexist with and take sustenance from the natural world.

Several major themes often associated with American Indian literature flow through the novel. These include a relationship with the land and the importance of land to tribal and personal identities. Most of the narrators comment on the land, and people and place are inseparable.

One returns to the land where one is rooted by either birth or association. The characters in the novel continually return to the tribal lands because they are part of the land. There is a sense of mourning the loss of land and a desire to protect what remains in Indian hands.

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Research Paper Topics; Instead of tribal gods and chanting medicine men, the moments of spirituality, magic, and myth occur within the patterns and enduring qualities of the natural world in.

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