Hp and compaq merger

The garage in Palo Alto where Hewlett and Packard began their company Hewlett-Packard logo used from to Bill Hewlett and David Packard graduated with degrees in electrical engineering from Stanford University in The company originated in a garage in nearby Palo Alto during a fellowship they had with a past professor, Frederick Terman at Stanford during the Great Depression. Terman was considered a mentor to them in forming Hewlett-Packard.

Hp and compaq merger

The H-P Compaq Merger Two Years Out: Still Waiting for the Upside - [email protected]

May 1, HP and Compaq Merger The failure of the merger between two leading competitors in the global computer industry, Hewlett-Packard Company HP and Compaq Computer Corporation Compaq failed as the synergies identified prior to the merger did not materialize.

This was the largest ever deal in the history of the computer industry. The deal meant combined operations in more than countries and more thanemployees.

HP-Compaq would offer the most complete set of products and services in the computer industry. The motivation behind a HP-Compaq merger whether it made economic sense and the problems encountered in merging operations is an interesting discussion as the stock prices of both HP and Compaq fell within two days of the merger announcement.

An estimated 13 billion dollars was lost in terms of market capitalization in this time frame. Shares fell further as industry analysts failed to understand the benefits HP would derive by acquiring Compaq. Moreover, established players like direct marketer, Dell and leading IT service consulting company like IBM would give fierce competition even if economies of scale were to be achieved.

This requires discontinuing some products some loss in revenue thereby rationalizing the product line. In the computer industry this has always been a failure.Dell is buying EMC, a $50 billion publicly traded IT giant, for around $67 billion in the tech industry's biggest merger ever.

Hp and compaq merger

According to the press release, the deal looks like this: Under the. In , when Hewlett-Packard's then-CEO Carly Fiorina announced that the technology giant proposed to merge with Compaq Computer Corp., she set off a .

Hewlett-Packard Company: Hewlett-Packard Company, American manufacturer of software and computer services that was founded in The company split in into two companies: HP Incorporated and Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

Headquarters were in Palo Alto, California. Compaq snapped up Digital Equipment Corp., a company that had been making computer servers since the s, for $ billion in DEC was slow to recognize that the PC industry was taking off.

Hewlett-Packard Company (NYSE:HWP) today announced that it completed its merger transaction with Compaq Computer Corporation (NYSE:CPQ) as planned. The trading of Compaq common stock will be suspended before the opening of the market on May 6, , and HP will begin trading under the new NYSE symbol HPQ.

Remember a couple of weeks ago when we heard that T-Mobile and Sprint were in merger talks again?Well it sounds like the two are working to get their deal done in .

The HP-Compaq Merger: Partners Reflect 10 Years Later