Define customer focus

By Glenn Ross In: I realized I needed to come up with a definition of each since failure to provide clarity at this foundational level could make the plan more difficult to implement.

Define customer focus

In this phase the project team creates a Project Chartera high-level map of the process and begins to understand the needs of the customers of the process. This is a critical phase in which the team outlines the project focus for themselves and the leadership of the organization.

Confirm the problem is a priority and will have a high impact Having established a problem, the team creates a Problem Statement which includes: An identified Measure that impacts the customer.

Lead Time Define customer focus Quality.

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Lead time reflects the length of time from request to delivery of a product or service. Quality can be many things; accuracy, completeness, defect-free, etc.

Are you trying to make the process go faster? Or are you trying to make the product or service better? Severity data may not be available right away which means the team fills in the blanks later during the Measure Phase.

Define customer focus

Confirm resources are available An important first step is to assign a project team lead, also known as a Black Belt or Green Beltas well as someone in a leadership position, who is called a Sponsor or Project Champion.

Team members can come from different areas of the organization but should all have some connection to the project area. Are there people close to the issue who can spend time working on the issue? Is there someone in a leadership position who would like to see the issue resolved?

It is critical to involve people that work in the process. This statement defines, in measurable, time-bound terms, exactly when the team and project will be considered successful.

Of course, this can be adjusted once the root causes are determined during the Analyze Phase. Another high-level map, more closely aligned with cycle time reduction projects, is a Value Stream Map. Either of these maps is used throughout the life of the project.

Once the high-level map is completed, a great way to understand the process in more detail is to conduct a Process Walk. The project team conducts a series of interviews with process participants to get a full picture of the actual work done at each step.

This information helps the team to create a detailed map. Detailed mapping can be make use of Swimlane Maps which uses lanes representing departments or it can be done as a simple flow-chart.As the person responsible for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in my six-state division of the American Cancer Society, I’m leading an interdepartmental team through a process to create a 3-year CRM strategic plan.

Feb 06,  · B. Use a funnel approach. For some CEOs, it might be helpful to think of the market selection process as a multiple staged funnel. For example, your first bucket might be gender. Customer focus is an organizational stance in which all aspects of a company's production and delivery of goods or services are directed by the best interests of the customers.

There is lots of talk about customer advocacy. It’s the end-game for many marketers and customer experience professionals. If you have customers who love your brand SO much they are willing to sing your praises to anyone who will listen, then you’ve done your job well.

Unsurprisingly, perhaps, many executives are reluctant to define their customers as narrowly as Merck has. By not singling out any group as the primary customer, executives can sidestep difficult.

You know that defining a target audience is a business best practice. But defining a target audience is a best practice for anyone that needs others to give them something.

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