Computer networking research papers

Technical Experiments on Humans 6. Relationships and Media 8.

Computer networking research papers

Energy Efficient Technique for IoT: Due to the decentralized nature of the network security, energy consumption is the major issue of the Due to the decentralized nature of the network security, energy consumption is the major issue of the network.

In the base paper technique security to the network is provided in which unidirectional and bi-directional communication is possible.

ICOIN – The 33rd International Conference on Information Networking (ICOIN )

The security to the network takes place in which security keys are generated using the clocks of the sensor nodes.

In the paper, it has been discussed that clocks of the sensor nodes are weekly synchronized. Due to weak clock synchronization of the sensor nodes, security of the network gets compromised. In this work, improvement in the existing technique will be proposed by providing strong clock synchronization.

The RSA algorithm is been used which will establish secure channel from source to destination. The time-lay technique will be implemented which provide strong clock synchronization between the sensor nodes.

The encryption keys are generated for the data encryption is depends upon the clocks of the sensor nodes and strong clock synchronization improved the network security. This improvement will lead to reduce energy consumption of the network and increase network throughput.The major contribution of this paper is the simulation of an ecosystem based on a software defined network by making use of certain types of networks topologies and using the virtualization of the open network operating system (ONOS) and Mininet as a network emulator.

Computer Networking Research Projects | Computer Science & Engineering | University of Nevada, Reno

University labs, fueled with millions of dollars in funding and some of the biggest brains around, are bursting with new research into computer and networking technologies. A brain–computer interface (BCI), sometimes called a neural-control interface (NCI), mind-machine interface (MMI), direct neural interface (DNI), or brain–machine interface (BMI), is a direct communication pathway between an enhanced or wired brain and an external device.

BCI differs from neuromodulation in that it allows for bidirectional . International Journal of Current Research, (IJCR) is an international double blinded referred and peer-viewed monthly online academic research journal in all the encourages new ideas and works in all the fields and it publishes high quality original papers, theory-b ased empirical papers, review papers, case reports, conference reports/papers.

SIGCOMM is ACM's professional forum for discussing communications and computer networks. SIGCOMM members include scientists, engineers, educators and students.

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Computer networking research papers

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