Appraise macro economic objectives of fiscal policy in nigeria

Short-run and long-run equilibrium positions. Candidates should be able to:

Appraise macro economic objectives of fiscal policy in nigeria

Secunda covering West of the Highveld. They have developed quite a mature approach to politics but it has been at the expense of losing the local government elections to the National Party.

The local is functioning very well and taking up campaigns.

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This local has had two attempts at getting started but has been plagued by poor attendance. They have, however, as a core group of shop stewards managed to drive the campaigns reasonably well. This is a newly formed Local and has a number of very good, experienced comrades.

They are starting to build themselves around the Employment Standards campaign and plug into the development forums. This is a well established Local that has a very good history of driving a number of the campaigns.

This Local was recently re-launched with an LRA training session. The local has historically been very active in this area on a number of fronts.

At present this local is being convened by a number of organisers from affiliates. The basis of rebuilding the local is the Employment Standards campaign.

Progress however has been slow. This local is being convened by affiliate organisers. The Employment Standards campaign is being used to rebuild the local.

Appraise macro economic objectives of fiscal policy in nigeria

Progress has been slow. Epping, Lansdowne, Bellville, Stikland: These locals are being convened by affiliate organisers. The basis of rebuilding these locals is the Employment Standards Campaign.

There is pressure to convene these locals from our members who live in these areas. The Regional Organiser is coordinating these campaigns. There have been debates as to whether this local should be serviced by Wits or Mpumalanga region as political, geographic demarcation dictates.

Eventually we agreed to maintain the status quo. The local fluctuates in terms of attendance and regular meetings. Meetings are normally attended when there are serious tensions within the Alliance. This can be attributed to that fact that affiliates are not necessarily servicing their membership in area.

This local is respected by the Alliance in that it has deployed leaders to local government structures and plays a critical role in informing the developmental agenda of the area.

Serious problems were experienced in the run up to the local government elections in that the local was purely used to push certain comrades for local government Alliance lists. After the elections the local collapsed.

Since latethere have been attempts to revive the local, without success. Presently there are comrades who have been tasked with the responsibility of rebuilding the local under the guidance of the Vice Chairperson.

Since the local government election, this local ceased to exist. Currently there are attempts to revive the local with comrades from affiliates assisting shop stewards in the area. The local is up and running, however there is a lack of support on the part of affiliates in ensuring that shop stewards and some organisers take the local in the area seriously.

Problems have been experienced around the location of the local that two separate locals used to meet in this area, one in Benoni NUMSA offices and the other in the township Etwatwa. Workers are now more united in the area but attendance, of late, has been problematic.

The local is to convene a series of workshops at which organisational issues will be addressed and a local programme defined to consolidate the local. The local in Vosloorus has collapsed.

There are discussions in the area to shift the meeting place to Boksburg and use council facilities organised by SAMWU shop stewards.Nov 21,  · The objectives of monetary policy that are considered in this study are to achievement of price stability, promotion of an accelerated economic growth and development, exchange rate stability, maintenance of balance of payment equilibrium and attainment of full employment of resources.

Fiscal policy simply refers to actions taken by government with a view to controlling government expenditure and income in order to achieve some predetermined macro-economic objectives. To appraise and analyze the objectives of various monetary policy instruments and to know whether they are really measures for economic stabilization.

Appraise macro economic objectives of fiscal policy in nigeria

To ascertain the level of success of monetary instruments policy measures in Nigeria economic stabilization from the relevant year i.e. 4. identify and appraise the basic and current economic problems of society; Meaning and objectives b.

Fiscal policy and its instruments c. Sources of government revenue (taxes royalties, rents, grants and aids) (vi) appraise government population policy in Nigeria. International Trade.

a. Meaning and basis for international trade. With member countries, staff from more countries, and offices in over locations, the World Bank Group is a unique global partnership: five institutions working for sustainable solutions that reduce poverty and .

fiscal policy is designed to achieve the objectives of price stability, economic growth, equilibrium of the balance of payments, and full employment. It is evident that these objectives have wielded strong influence on the economic.

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