A study of africa the melting pot of cultural diversity

It was used together with concepts of the United States as an ideal republic and a " city upon a hill " or new promised land.

A study of africa the melting pot of cultural diversity

Clemson College of Agriculture Forestry and Life Sciences The students are taking part in the Culinary Nutrition Creative Inquiry project led by Margaret Condraskya registered dietician and Clemson food, nutrition and packaging sciences professor.

As part of the Creative Inquiry undergraduate student research project, nutrition dietetics students reviewed and collaborated in the design of the curriculum for the South Carolina 4-H Melting Pot program, a summer culinary camp designed for youth funded by the Walmart Foundation.

The Clemson students used their nutrition science knowledge to modify recipes that were adapted from a program at Pennsylvania State University by chef Anne Quinn Corr. We have a new curriculum based on skills learned in the Basic Cooking Like a Chef Module from the past two summers.

Our agents requested additional recipes and the Melting Pot concept emerged.

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For more information about fees and how to register for the program, contact the local 4-H office in those counties. Chef Patrick Duggan, chef instructor at the Center for Advanced Technical Studies teaching kitchen, provided hands-on technical and culinary support to the 40 eager 4-H teen leaders that will man the camps in their home counties and their 4-H agents.

These 10 county teams of teens and 4-H agents prepare for the summer camps early and are assisted in camp delivery by the Clemson University students for this newly designed Melting Pot program.

Cultural education Clemson students championed individual cultures and cuisines in program design. Caroline Kelly, a senior food science and human nutrition major from Greenville, is a member of the group who focused on the Native American culture.

Kelly said it was fun to research what they ate, as well as prepare and taste food from this culture. Native American fare includes turkey, white bean and pumpkin chili and a wilted greens salad with a hot bacon dressing.

Low-fat plantain chips and a tropical fruit salad filled the bill and the beverage proved as diverse as the dishes — with warm Sassafras Tea on this menu. This tea is made from the bark of a sassafras tree. The bark is steeped for an hour and, then, poured through a strainer.

Kelly said this was the first time she had tasted sassafras tea. Catherine Harvey, a senior nutrition student from Greer, is part of the group that focused on Mediterranean cuisine.

Linguine with clam sauce, ratatouille and a low-fat Spanish tortilla represents the Mediterranean menu. To make the recipe healthy, Harvey said her group reduced the amount of olive oil and decreased the number of egg yolks used.

Genna Pesce, a senior food and human nutrition major from Howell, New Jersey, was with the group who focused on Latin America.

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Beef and bean enchiladas, quesadillas, guacamole and fruit salsa with baked tortilla triangles highlighted the flavors of the Hispanic diaspora. Preparing recipes like the salsa allowed high school students to practice their knife skills. This helps with confidence building because using a knife requires a lot of practice.

Chinese fried rice, Steamed turkey wontons, fresh spring rolls and a green tea sparkler. Asian cuisine consists of several different cultures, each with their own unique flavors, recipes and traditions reflected in their cuisine. While studying about foreign lands is fun, South Carolina also has a different culture all its own.

A study of africa the melting pot of cultural diversity

The Gullah people are a distinctive group of black Americans who live in small farming and fishing communities along the Atlantic coastal plain in South Carolina and Georgia. Toney Nesbit, a junior food science major from Charleston, was also among the group of students who studied the Gullah culture.

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One of the dishes Nesbit and his team prepared was a Red Rice dish. The students shot, edited and produced the video, which demonstrates the correct way to use a knife.Cultural Pluralism: Its Implications for Education THOMAS C HOGG * MARLIN R a study of africa the melting pot of cultural diversity McCOMB Sometimes we protect ourselves by ostra cizing that different.

culture. A study of africa the melting pot of cultural diversity goals. the director of a medical school center cultural diversity training center. programs and application process Save time and contact the school here!

America’s melting pot is applied diversity-and-inclusion at its best. But a movement cannot be successful if it admits that its goal was achieved, albeit imperfectly, before it was born. Thus, “cultural appropriation” lives. In theory, the melting pot was intended to unify the American people and make immigrants feel as though they could contribute to American culture, rather than abandon their own heritage.

The "melting pot" metaphor implies both a melting of cultures and intermarriage of ethnicities, yet cultural assimilation or acculturation can also occur without intermarriage.

Thus African-Americans are fully culturally integrated . From melting pot to salad bowl. America has traditionally been referred to as a melting pot, welcoming people from many different countries, races, and religions, all hoping to find freedom, new opportunities, and a better way of life.

America may now be more of a salad bowl or mosaic.

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