A description of how we can make the difference to achieve paradise

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A description of how we can make the difference to achieve paradise

Their project goal was to make a measurable improvement in the environment or in the sustainability practices of community residents. They identified a problem, designed a solution, created and implemented an action plan to achieve that solution, and measured and documented their efforts.

Although these efforts were sometimes challenging, the students were able to learn from their mistakes and overcome those challenges.

In the process, they learned a lot about themselves and the larger world in which they live, and helped the planet at the same time. Below you can learn about some of the projects from students in their own words.

The problem we identified was that in the butterfly garden at the Heard Nature Museum, It takes too long to get clean water for the butterflies to the butterfly pond. There is chlorine in the current water hose that they use and so, the water must sit for 24 hours before being distributed to the butterflies.

A volunteer must fill up a bucket every couple of days with the water to make sure it is the butterflies receive safe non-chlorinated water.

The goal of our project was to find an efficient way to have rain water go directly to the butterfly pond without delay and constant maintenance.

To accomplish our goal, we created a rainwater catchment system. First we researched a plan in order to create a catchment system, which included calculating the catchment surface area and the materials needed to build it. This included building a frame, attaching galvanized metal to the top of the frame, and building a gutter to attach to the roof system of our entire catchment system.

We then attached a downspout to the gutter which led to the rain barrel, the unit in which the water was being held for use. Some of the challenges we faced were minimizing runoff, getting our structure to fit on to the existing frame, and collecting the maximum amount of water.

In the end, we were successful in creating a rainwater catchment system that functioned and satisfied the museum. An unexpected lesson we learned from this project was to not procrastinate. The project was much more tedious than we expected and we had to do much more towards the end than we anticipated.

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If we had consolidated an idea earlier it could have been much more stress free. The problem we identified was that there were a significant number of bluebirds at Oak Point, but there were not enough bluebird houses for them to live in. In order to facilitate the population of bluebirds, so that they had viable places to breed and nest, more bluebird houses were needed.

The goal of our project was to build two bluebird houses and implement them at Oak Point in time for their mating season. Another goal of our project was just to understand more about bluebirds and their behaviors and functions in the environment.

To accomplish our goal, we really had to work with each other and work with Kym Hughes, with the City of Plano, effectively and efficiently. There were supplies we needed to obtain, such as the wood and nails. Our group set up deadlines and distributed the workload evenly among most members so that we could finish our project in a timely manner.

Some of the challenges we faced stemmed from the actual wood we used, in the fact that the wood easily splintered and warped. There were also human factors with scheduling and planning dates where we could all work together.

In the end, we successfully built two working bluebird houses. We implemented them at Oak Point Nature Preserve in areas that were in need of habitats. An unexpected lesson we learned from this project was that it is extremely difficult to actually bring an idea into fruition. The problem we identified was: Privet plants, an invasive species of plants to the area, needed to be removed, and replaced with native plants, such as the possumhaw holly.

The goal of our project was: To accomplish our goal, we cut down the invasive plants and sprayed them with pesticides, and we crushed berries of the possumhaw holly and planted them in replacement of the privet. Some of the challenges we faced were: Monitoring the growth of the possumhaw hollies was also a challenge since they grow at a very slow rate.

In the end, there were no signs of the privet growing, but the possumhaw holly is still taking time to grow. An unexpected lesson we learned from this project was: Everyone runs on a different schedule.

Another lesson we learned was that even the smallest projects can make a big difference. Although we planned on doing something big to begin with, none of our initial proposals made it through. However, the final project that we initiated still made a big difference.

Recycling is the simple key to reducing our waste! The goal of our project is to educate the public on the importance of recycling within our school and to provide means for others who want to recycle through media approach and recycling incentives.Realise and realize are different spellings of the same word, and they can be used interchangeably.

Both are common throughout the English-speaking world, though in different areas. Realize is preferred in American and Canadian English, while realise is preferred outside North America.

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A description of how we can make the difference to achieve paradise

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