12 angry men response

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12 angry men response

Benefits and Costs of Anger: Social, Emotional, and Health Introduction Anger is a natural and mostly automatic response to pain of one form or another physical or emotional. The type of pain does not matter; the important thing is that the pain experienced is unpleasant. Anger occurs when pain is combined with some anger-triggering thought.

Thoughts that can trigger anger include personal assessments, assumptions, evaluations, or interpretations of situations that makes people think that someone else is attempting consciously or not to hurt them. In this sense, anger is a social emotion; You always have a target that your anger is directed against even if that target is yourself.

Feelings of pain, combined with anger-triggering thoughts motivate you to take action, face threats and defend yourself by striking out against the target you think is causing you pain. A Substitute Emotion Anger can also be a substitute emotion. People change their feelings of pain into anger because it feels better to be angry than it does to be in pain.

This changing of pain into anger may be done consciously or unconsciously.

12 angry men response

Being angry rather than simply in pain has a number of advantages, primarily among them distraction. People in pain generally think about their pain. However, angry people think about harming those who have caused pain.

Part of the transmutation of pain into anger involves an attention shift - from self-focus to other-focus. Making yourself angry can help you to hide the reality that you find a situation frightening or that you feel vulnerable. In addition to providing a good smoke screen for feelings of vulnerability, becoming angry also creates a feeling of righteousness, power and moral superiority that is not present when someone is merely in pain.

When you are angry, you are angry with cause.

It is very rare that someone will get angry with someone they do not think has harmed them in some significant fashion. More on Anger and Anger Management Angry people most always feel that their anger is justified. The social judgment of anger creates real consequences for the angry person.

An angry person may feel justified in committing an angry, aggressive action, but if a judge or jury of peers do not see it that way, that angry person may still go to jail. Social, Emotional, and Health Whether justified or unjustified, the seductive feeling of righteousness associated with anger offers a powerful temporary boost to self-esteem.Discussion and rants, links and quotes, comments and moderation.

12 angry men response

A place to discuss the intersection of issues that affect black woman, anti-oppression. Written by Reginald Rose, Twelve Angry Men is a short play that offers a glimpse into the American legal system, and features a cast of characters with dramatic and clashing personalities.

With this Twelve Angry Men Response Journal, you’ll have an amazing selection of writing prompts for every chapter in the book right at your fingertips..

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May 07,  · The theme of prejudice expressed by Rose in “Twelve Angry Men” is personified by jurors 3 and As the play progresses, it becomes more and more blatant to the audience that these characters possess an element of prejudice that cannot be easily overcome.

MACHURA AUTHOR APPROVED EDITS WITH PICTURES(H)(P) 11/16/ PM ] THE GERMAN RESPONSE TO 12 ANGRY MEN standing of the case. As the German film shows, this is not only a challenge for lay people like the jurors in 12 Angry Men; professionals can only fulfill their tasks by employing expert knowledge, as well as their everyday un-.

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